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I love that they are commonly referred to as a ‘sleep sack’, not ‘bondage sack’ or ‘full body restraint’. The term might come from the resemblance to those tight arctic-style sleeping bags. Regardless of the origin, if you are strapped in long enough, sleep is inevitable. The sack must be just loose enough to prevent any pressure points and to allow proper circulation, but tight enough to be completely secure and inescapable. You should be able to move no more than an inch in any direction. The body, unable to move, and deprived of external stimuli, will naturally and eventually drift into various stages of consciousness…some of which will eventually include sleep.

There is something amazingly horny about waking and gradually discovering that you are still securely bound. It can happen several times in an evening, and it is always a phenomenally erotic experience. Also, if you are lucky, the bondage sensation will extend into your dreams, taking on some new profound dimension that can only come from deep and buried passions.

(Source: allfoursrecon)

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